30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 11

Well, I missed a few days. I knew it would happen. November is always a super busy, crazy month for us with birthdays on top of the normal Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff, and this year as a whole has just been nuts. Anyway, enough excuses.

Day Eleven

I’m thankful for the thoughtfulness of my firstborn.

Lincoln is a thoughtful caretaker. He wants to make sure his brother doesn’t go outside in the cold without socks and shoes. He wants to be sure Sissy has on a hairbow that matches her outfit and has her pacifier. He insists that she needs princess stuff, too. He makes sure no one touches their food before we pray. He never fails to tell me each day he thinks I’m pretty, and he always finds toys he wants his friends to have.

Even knowing all that, sometimes the little things he thinks of and pays attention to catch me off guard. Tonight, for instance, he went in the bathroom, pulled out the toothpaste, and got everyone’s toothbrushes ready without being asked to do so. We have three types of toothpaste, and he knew exactly which one each person used, even giving Stanton the bubblegum flavored toothpaste he loves that Lincoln detests.

I’m glad God put that little trait in his personality. It’s so precious to me.

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