Everyone needs a good cheerleader

If my husband comes home and finds the house to be exceptionally clean, exceptionally being a relative term :-), he is pretty good about mentioning it and giving me a “Thank you,” or “Good job, babe..” He’s not home every day though, and sometimes I get a little discouraged, frazzled, or just feel like I’m not doing a good job at the mommy/wife stuff. You know, I’ve discovered that keeping my house clean while keeping my children from killing each other  well fed and entertained isn’t the easiest job around. The second part there gives me lots of fits in itself. Who knew?

Being the mom of little ones isn’t always easy, but one thing I love about having toddlers is having built-in cheerleaders. Today my oldest hasn’t been feeling well and has wanted nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with mommy, nap, and watch a little Signing Time. He did wake for a while this afternoon though, so when he asked to paint I got out the supplies. I helped him pull off his shirt and tied on his painting apron. When I went to toss his shirt into the dirty clothes I heard, “Good job, mama.” This was just the pick-me-up I needed, and God knew it.

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