Kicking and Screaming

Thursday night I felt my first baby kicks! I was lying in bed, and at first I thought I had imagined it, but then I felt it again! Friday morning when I woke up, I still wasn’t convinced. I thought maybe I’d been half asleep and dreamed it. I went to stretch out on the couch for a bit and felt it again. Still not convinced, I changed positions and waited. Yep, still there, and in a different place! They are still light enough that I have to be paying attention to notice it, but it sure is exciting. Now I just can’t wait until Steven can feel it too.

Oh, and the screaming? That’s because we have way too much junk! This week I made my 5th (yes, that’s a five) trip to Abilities Unlimited, and I’m still not finished. Can someone please explain how two people that have been married less than two years have so much junk?

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  1. Ashley Dobson

    Oh, yay!! That is so exciting!! I wasn't sure about the first time I felt Ella move, but when you know for sure it is just amazing.

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