Our First Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday marked our first wedding anniversary and Steven’s 25th birthday! Woohoo!

After church, we went out to eat with my parents, Whitney, and Adam. Then we went back to my parents’ house to cut our cake. For some reason, my computer decided not to rotate most of my photos when they were uploaded, and blogger doesn’t give you that option, SO these are the only ones I’m posting here. I’m just too lazy to mess with it. The others are posted and rotated on Facebook though. Hint: there was a bit of cake smashing present….and drink pouring…

If you want to see the rest of the photos, click here.
(You don’t have to have facebook to view the album.)

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  1. Victoria

    Did ya’ll eat your original top layer to your cake?? Ours was good even after a year of being in the freezer!! 🙂

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