Thirteen Thursday

I have almost completely fallen off the blogging wagon. Life has gotten too, too busy lately. With at least one photo session a week, plus insane amounts of projects for school, I barely have time to breathe. I’m back though, at least for today.

Here are thirteen things that I have realized/learned with my husband being home more.

  1. The day he bought the XBOX360 was not one of my good judgment days.
  2. I actually enjoy cooking. I just don’t enjoy cooking at 8 o’clock at night when I am exhausted.
  3. I’m going to have to start buying milk by the gallon. 😦
  4. My husband’s habit of eating things out of the container isn’t so bad after all. Less dishes!
  5. Finding things to cook that we both like is not going to be an easy task.
  6. Apparently pulling 1 pair of pants out of the dryer and leaving the dryer door open the rest of day for others to dig out their clothes is an acceptable form of doing laundry.
  7. A married couple should have no fewer than 2 televisions.
  8. A full size bed is not big enough for two people, a cat, and a dog.
  9. Cats often prefer the person that likes them the least.
  10. I suspect my dogs are getting fat not because I feed them too much (as my husband accused), but because the treat jar empties a lot faster when he is home. Hmmm…
  11. I need a bigger washing machine.
  12. We need a real dining room table.
  13. Regardless of what he says, Steven likes the cat.

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  1. Amy Barrett

    FUnny! You really do sound like newlyweds! I saw Crystal’s engagement photos on FAcebook and I think that is the best work I’ve ever see you do – and I love all your work. I was going to comment on one but couldn’t pick one to comment on they were all excellent.

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