Happy Independence Day!

Our Independence Day celebrations started with Steven and I searching every store we could think of for a new swimsuit for me. (My sweet little dog decided to dig my other one out of the laundry and attempt to eat it.) We discovered that 4th of July Weekend is a bad time to go shopping for swimwear. No one in town has any left at that point.

Then we enjoyed some swimming and a cookout at the Shipley house. After swimming, food, and a game of wiffle ball, the fireworks were lit. Then we headed to the parking lot of the mall to watch the fireworks being done at the fairgrounds. Here’s a photo recap of the day.

Swimming, swimming, swimming.

Shelby wasn’t happy about being stuck inside while the party was going on outside.

The winning team of the wiffle ball game is still being debated. Steven swears his team won, and it was fair. While I agree that his team won, I don’t think it was very fair. Granted the other team did have them out numbered by 2, I don’t think you can really count a 4-year-old 3rd baseman. 🙂

Eli kept everyone in line (and cracking up) on 3rd base.

Some sparklers before the fireworks.

Let the ‘ooo’s and ‘ahhh’s begin.

And off to see the big show…

The happy couples…well, two of them anyway.

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