Thirteen Thursday

Well it’s that time again, kidos! Time for my weekly list of 13. Here’s a list of things you may or may not know about our little family.

Thursday 13

1. Steven and I love to play card games and board games together. Our favorites are Scrabble, Uno, and Spades. He has beaten me at Scrabble twice, and I will never be allowed to forget it. 🙂

2. Steven is re-roofing our house by himself! It looks darn good, too. I’m helping, but I don’t have the carpentry skills. My job is to keep him company, keep him fed, and make sweet tea. : ) Oh, and I get to pick up old shingles.

3. Minnie Pearl has the worst gas of any dog I have ever met! It’s horrible. We’ve even changed her food; it doesn’t matter. She’s just a silent-but-deadly, stinky dog. One night, I honestly sat straight up in bed, freaking out. I thought she had gone to the bathroom in my bedroom floor. Nope! She was sound asleep at my feet!

4. We’ve been married 4 months, and I have only ordered a few 4×6 prints of our professional wedding photos. I have even designed an album and haven’t ordered it yet.
5. Steven didn’t like country music before we met. I converted him. I’m pretty sure when I met him, never in a million years would he have thought he’d ever be excited about Johnny Cash and bluegrass music.

6. I hated bluegrass music when I was younger, but now I really like it. My dad tried SO hard to get my sister and I into, but we resisted. It didn’t last forever though. We got sucked in eventually. I’m pretty sure one of my dad’s proudest moments was when I told him I wanted to go to a bluegrass concert. He took me to see The Peasall Sisters! I got to meet them, too!

7. Steven can do the splits.

8. I wanted to sing with the praise band at church since I was about 13, but I was too chicken. It took my dad forcing me when I was about 17. Now I love it! I just hope my children sing better than I do.

9. When I was 7 or 8 I caught a minnow in the ditch at my Big’s house. I named “her” Kelly and kept her in a small tank in my room. I was really sad when she got too big, and I had to set her free. I was really concerned that she wouldn’t know how to catch her own food or that someone would catch her and eat her! haha, I’m sure someone would want to eat a nasty ditch fish…

10. Steven has a piece of metal lodged in his arm from a hammer.

11. Steven, myself, and 3 of our 4 pets sleep in a full size bed.

12. I’m trying to learn to sew. So far, I stink at it.

13. I’m pretty sure the staff at the Urgent Care on Stadium remembers Steven every time he comes in. If not, they take a look at his file and it comes back to them. He’s been there for a few random/strange injuries (see #10). The last time he was there because he was sick, and the doctor asked me if he’d been skateboarding lately. haha

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  1. Stephanie

    my sister’s dog has bad gas. to this, she says: i have to feed him organic plain yogurt with his dog food because he has bad gas, and it helps his tummy.

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