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Arkansas weather can be very strange, and this winter (if you can call it that) has definitely been a strange one. We’ve had more than one day warm enough to play outside in light jackets.

As much running as my oldest wild one does, he also loves to lie in the grass and watch the clouds and planes. These moments only last about 30 seconds each though. 🙂

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ABC Jesus Loves Me: Week 2

This post is a bit late. During week 2, everyone in our house was sick at some point, so it took a bit longer to get through the material. We made it, but I didn’t take as many pictures.

Creation Book Pages





Blue Kool-Aid 🙂

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{Wordless Wednesday} A Sunday Morning Breakfast

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Saturday Seven

Seven things I’m thankful for on this lovely Saturday morning.

1. My husband is coming home today! We’ve missed him. 🙂

2. All sickness has left our house! After over a week of off-and-on not feeling well and having sick little boys every other day, I’m glad to see it gone!

3. Yesterday was payday for my husband. There are lots of things I could complain about when he is on storm, but thankfully payday isn’t one of them. I am very blessed to have a man that works hard and has a career that allows me to be home with our sweet, wild boys.

4. I’m getting caught up on my work duties, finally. I am so glad I have patient clients. The last few weeks have been crazy.

5. This weekend I will go to the grocery store and buy milk,eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables for my family. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you can spend freely, we often forget how many people in the world don’t have this luxury. Sometimes I get really annoyed because there are things I want to buy, but they just aren’t in the budget, but I try to remember that I have more food (and healthy stuff at that) in my kitchen than a lot of others.

6. I have two little boys that are taking naps right now.

7. This might be the biggest one of all for today…..I’m thankful Lincoln had decorative scissors instead of regular scissors in his hand when he tried to cut my hair this morning while I slept! (the kind that cuts pretty edges and pretty much only work on paper) I’m also thankful that I woke up to the snip, snip sound to take them away from him before he did damage to anything!

What’s your Saturday Seven? If you want to post it on your own blog, send me a link. I’d love to read it. 🙂

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I’m a Mama of Wild Ones

I’m a mama of two Wild Ones. I’m proud of them.

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook a link to THIS article from Lysa TerKeurst.

Wow. She hit the nail on the head. If you are (or aren’t) a parent to wild ones, read it. I am so glad I did. Her description of her daughter’s antics at the mall, could have easily been a scene for my life. Oh wait, there was a very similar situation with my oldest son and a friend’s toilet… More than once I have left a playdate in tears, feeling like I must be doing something wrong. None of the other children act that way? What did their parents do differently? No one else has to chase their laughing toddler through the restaurant because he could open all the doors before the age of 2 and refuses to stay in the play area! The other kids aren’t more interested in exploring the whole house, instead of playing with the toys. No one else has to ask for a new high chair, one with a working seat belt… At times I’ve even been treated by other moms as if I must be doing something wrong. It’s not uncommon for strangers to give my children dirty looks, or give heavy sighs as we go by.

With having wild boys, I have realized that so many people don’t get it. They don’t see what I do, and they sure can’t see what lies ahead. They assume we are doing something wrong in our parenting methods, never considering that God made my boys the way they are for a reason. Both of my boys are curious, unafraid to tackle a new challenge on their own, and love to learn from experience. How do those people think adults become that way? They start out that way, as little wild ones. 🙂 They both have the biggest, sweetest hugs imaginable – hugs that aren’t just reserved for mommy but are also for friends, family members, pets, church leaders, babysitters, and each other. Sometimes I get more joy from seeing them hug someone else than when they hug me. I’m their mom. They are born with strings tying their hearts to mine. I meet their daily needs and kiss their boo-boos. They are choosing to love others with those hugs though. The Boy is a born leader – no question about that one 🙂 Brother is an encourager, both to his big brother’s antics and to his mommy every morning when I think it’s too early to get up, but he’s there smiling at me and jumping in his bed. His laughter is infectious. I have always said that I can’t wait to see what amazing things God has in store for my spirited boys. What on earth could require so much energy, fearlessness, creativity, and love? It must be something big. But sometimes it is hard to remember that when you are dealing with rude comments and stares from strangers and people you know, and you’re chasing two toddlers going in opposite directions.

Last week, an older gentleman paused as he approached me in the aisle of a local bookstore. My heart sank; I knew he was going to say something negative or give a big sigh, and I really didn’t have the time, energy, or emotional strength to deal with it that day. I was chasing my oldest toddler across the store, trying to keep him from emptying the shelves or running out the door, while my dad held my youngest toddler (upside down, by his legs) to keep him from emptying the shelves. All I wanted was to get one sheet of stickers and have 3 pieces of paper laminated. (That sounded a lot easier before we entered the the store, found out the lamination machine needed to be turned on and heated up, and one of my sons decided that was  great time for a dirty diaper.) That man didn’t sigh though. He smiled and said, “Don’t get upset. They will grow out of it. Don’t get upset, Mama.” I could have cried, and almost did.

You see,  just that morning I had attempted to take the boys to the park for a picnic and some playtime before running a couple of errands. My husband had been out of town for most of the week for work, and had left that morning to take some fence posts to my grandma’s farm. I couldn’t put the errands off anymore, and the weather was nice for the first time in weeks. We made our way to the park, but after feeding Brother and eating my own lunch, The Boy was still screaming hysterically because I was cruelly making him sit with me instead of running off to play by himself without eating his lunch. While so many little ones want to drag mommy and daddy to the playground, he would gladly take off on his own adventure. Lots of people just ignored him, but a few people were not so kind. I heard more than one rude comment and saw lots of stares. Sometimes I feel like a ticking time bomb; I’m waiting to kick a stranger in the shins and scream, “I’m sorry you had perfect little girls that were too afraid of upsetting someone to be disobedient or a little boy who was too much of a mamas boy to leave your side for 5 minutes until he was 25! That’s not my kid! Deal with it!”  Then God sends that one person to give me an encouraging word or a helping hand, and reminds me that someday I will be that compassionate lady in the grocery store, mixing a bottle for the stressed out mama with two crying babies, unaware that it’s the first time she’s left the house alone with both of them, she hasn’t seen her husband in almost a week, she just had to juggle both of them to pee and change the newborn’s diaper in the dirty bathroom with no counter or changing table, and three other women walked by her without even giving an encouraging smile. (I would love to see that lady again, so I could give her a hug!) I also pray that on that day, my wild ones will be using their adventurous spirits and loving hearts for whatever God has planned for them.

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Reason #543 why I love our babysitter

She rolls with the punches – and thinks to take pictures along the way.

Tonight I was sitting at a friend’s house, enjoying a weekly bible study when I got a text message from the babysitter, asking where I had put the vacuum. It was followed by this picture.


That’s my boy! And that is a LOT of baby powder. I laughed, but then I felt awful. This was not his first offense with his sweet, 17-year old babysitter. This same child has also thrown up on my couch while in her care. And the one and only time he has done that disgusting thing every parent dreads, in the bathtub? Yep, that was on her watch too. I keep telling her that one day she will be the most well-prepared first time mom in the world!

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ABC Jesus Loves Me – Week 1

This week marked the beginning of our pre-school homeschooling journey. We are using ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum for 2 year-olds, and so far it has been great. All of the worksheets are available on their web site for free, and the crafts use basic household and craft supplies. It’s also easy to break up into the day, which is great for my son. Sitting still is not his strong point. Even so, he has enjoyed the stories, crafts, and songs.

Here are a few pictures from our 1st week….

The first two pages of the Creation Book

Coffee Filter Earth

This project was modified. We didn’t have any of the regular, circular filters.

Circle foods: raisins, crinkle cut carrots, hot dog circles, crackers

I had a lot of fun tying in our lessons at mealtime. I also served most meals on round plates and used lots of foods and drinks that coordinated with the lessons. Week one was pretty easy because the lessons included circles and the color red.

Here are some red/circle food ideas:

Pizza (with red sauce, pepperonis, jalapeno pepper slices, olives, etc.)
tomato slices
red Kool-Aid
crinkle cut carrots
Ritz crackers
hot dog slices
banana slices
cucumber slices
sausage patties
Lunchables (the ones with circle crackers, meat, and cheese)

We also added an extra craft, using the heart coloring sheet as a template for making some Valentines for a few friends and family members. I can’t post pictures of those yet though. 🙂

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You know you have THAT kid….

if you get an email from his church group leader, asking you to preview a new room divider system and give an opinion based on whether your child has the ability to climb over it.

Oh yes, the future of the Littles’ classroom setup depends on my son’s climbing abilities. He’s 2. I probably should not have laughed when I read that email…or made jokes about him climbing over it for Sharpies in my reply e-mail. What can I say? My kid’s a leader. I will never ask him, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” If his friends are jumping off a bridge, he’s already swimming for the shore.

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Lesson #1 Let them eat dog food.

Lately I’ve I’ve been thinking back over some of the parenting lessons I have learned over the last two years. Today I’ll share one of those.

Often parents remark about how you hover less as the number of children in your home increases.You realize the little things aren’t going to harm them and are able to let them be more independent, messy, dirty, loud, messy, adventurous, silly, and did I mention messy?

I was told many times before The Boy was a year old that I was, “extremely laid-back for a first time mom.” I always shrugged it off as being a result of my personality and my husband traveling so much. I also think it had a lot to do with me being exhausted though. Have you tried being 6 months pregnant and chasing a crawling baby across the house, only to have to hold that baby down and attempt to change his diaper while he, quite literally, stood on his head and left elbow to get away, kicking you the entire time? Yeah, it left little energy for dragging him down off whatever he was climbing on for the 100th time that day. It didn’t help matters that he was very coordinated from the beginning and didn’t fall when climbing. I knew he could do it, so why worry?

There was one thing I was constantly battling though. The Boy’s obsession with eating things drove me crazy! Baby gates blocked every doorway and I put everything away – dog food was moved to my bedroom and crayons were in a drawer and hardly used. No joke, he ate finger paints until he was 2. (Rarely was painting done in our house until recently. )

Then Brother came along! If I was “extremely laid-back” about things with my first son, I probably really scare other moms with my second son!

Lesson #1 (It wasn’t the first thing I learned, but for writing purposes that’s what we will call it.)
Let them eat dog food.

Now, before anyone panics and calls Child Protective Services, I’m not recommending you feed your children pet food. Definitely not. However, there are only so many hoops you can jump through, and so many places you can hide stuff. Millions of kids have grabbed a handful of Kibbles or a dog biscuit and crammed it in their mouth before mom or dad could get it away from them. I did it, and I’m betting you did it if you grew up with pets in your home.

Thankfully, Brother has not shared in The Boy’s habit of eating everything. He does, however, show the same love for dog food that his older brother did. Today was no different. The dogs had left a few pieces in one of the bowls in the kitchen, and I didn’t realize it until I was halfway between the refrigerator and the counter, arms loaded with leftovers I was getting out for lunch, and little brother was 2 feet from the bowl. I started toward him, immediately realizing it was pointless. “Have at it son. If you think it’s that tasty…”

It was not just about dog food though. It wasn’t even about realizing it was not necessary to drop everything, trip over the open dishwasher, and accidentally kick the dog just to pry open his mouth to dig out dog food, crayons, dirt, or any other non-food item I knew to be non-toxic that he could safely chew.
It was about that word I posted about yesterday. Joy. Today, like so many other times, keeping the boys out of the dog food, paint, or whatever mess it might have been, was not about protecting them. As usual, it was something that I know isn’t actually harmful. I just didn’t want to deal with a big mess or having to clean a dirty face and hands again. Was it really worth the fight of trying to pull the dog food out of his hands, making him furious, and probably causing me to spill our food everywhere? I decided it wasn’t. A little extra mess would be okay. If only I can remember that more often! If they want to get muddy and dirty outside, that has always been fine and dandy with me, but inside…oh inside the house is a different story. Well, where’s the joy in that for a little boy? Next week I’m planning at least two messy activities. (There. It’s in print, so I have to do it now.)

I went on with making lunch, and Brother happily helped himself to the last few pieces of dog food. Oh well, someday he will realize it tastes disgusting. Until then, I guess I won’t have to worry about him not liking anything I cook!

Isn’t it amazing how children teach us things through the smallest everyday events?

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There’s a Boy on the Loose!

Some days with my boys are pretty normal, uneventful, and almost mundane. We wake up, watch cartoons, eat breakfast, go the gym or run a few errands, home for lunch, and spend the rest of the day playing, napping, etc. Then, there are days that start out normal, but then a certain little boy turns into a wild monkey, bouncing from mess to mess, often before I can even get to the first mess with a broom or mop. Thursday was one of those days.

Aside from a few squabbles, the boys had been pretty good all morning. We made a quick trip to the post office after breakfast. When I put Stanton down for a nap, I decided to take a shower while Lincoln was watching cartoons. Well, I forgot to lock the baby gate to the kitchen.

That Tupperware box on the counter? It had 3 cookies in it when I got in the shower. Thankfully he was still holding two cookies, and had only bitten into one of them. The other was returned to the box.

Fast forward half an hour. Stanton was awake and ready for a snack. I strapped him into the high chair and was getting his food out of the fridge when I heard the baby gate to my bedroom rattle. I locked the fridge back and headed down the hall, but the damage was done before I got there. Walking into my bedroom I heard, “I feed kitty kitty.” Oh no.  This is what I found when I got to my bathroom. Imagine The Boy standing where those two little boot prints are. 🙂

He did feed the kitty though!

I ushered him out of my room, shut the door, and I took him with me to the kitchen to get the broom. While I was digging under the sink for my hand broom, he climbed back up on the blue box from the first picture, grabbed a salt shaker off the stove, pushed the stopper into it and proceeded to pour salt all over the stove and floor!

My Facebook status for the day:  “Day 10: I’m thankful God created me with a sense of humor. He knew I would need it!”

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