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Meet the Photographer {Mirranda: K.D. Elise Photography}

Continuing the Meet the Photographer series this week with Mirranda from K.D. Elise Photography! (Be sure to also check out last week’s photographer here.)
Mirranda is not only a talented photographer, but also a fellow linewife and homeschooling mama. I think we may be long lost sisters. 🙂





Business Name: K.D. Elise Photography


Name: Mirranda Reinhardt       


Web site/blog: www.kdelise.com


Where are you from? Pueblo, Colorado


Whats your favorite type of session (newborn, family, engagement, etc.)?
I love photographing a variety of ages and stages but if you made me pick just one type of session I’d have to choose newborns. There’s just something really special about getting to take a baby’s first photos (and the snuggles just can’t be beat).


Describe your photography style in three words.

Clean, relaxed, natural

Share a recent favorite photo youve taken.




Any really crazy, memorable photo sessions?

I had a senior session this past year that stands out. Because of her schedule we ended up meeting up about two weeks later than I would have liked and by that point the leaves were nearly gone from the trees and it was cold and muddy! My poor senior was such a trooper, she’d take her coat off for a few minutes and then throw it right back on trying to stay warm. Her cheeks were so red, I spent a lot of time editing the “rosy”out! Towards the middle of the session I found a lovely little spot right next to the river to pose her, the only problem was I had to step into the river to get back far enough to get my shot. Of course, I ended up missing the rock I was going for and taking a nice step right into the freezing cold water. By the end of the session my shoes were so caked with mud that I could hardly lift my feet and my toes were frozen through! My client joked that she needed to buy me a pair of wading boots as a thank-you gift. Happily, we finished off the session with a few urban shots and a nice cup of hot cocoa.



Whats your current favorite prop?

Oh, that’s a fun one. I think my favorite right now is my lemonade stand. My husband up-cycled it from old pallets. I can use it throughout the year for different themed sessions just by changing the sign on top and adding different decorations. I’m lucky to be married to a pretty handy guy, he’s built me tons of props lately including a raft for fishing sessions and a wooden airplane for newborn photographs.



Aside from people, whats your favorite subject to photograph?

I mostly photograph people, but every once in a while I’ll see really lovely light hitting something and have to take a photo of some random object. This mostly happens with things around the house like a cup of coffee or the globe my kids use for school.



What music do you listen to while editing?

I love Pandora for editing music. It lets me listen to a little bit of everything from country to top 100 type stuff.



What advice would you give to someone about choosing a photographer?

Be picky while searching. These are your memories and once the moment’s gone, it’s gone. Find someone who matches your style, and creates work that you could envision hanging in your home. It’s hard to turn down a good price or resist the style of the moment but if you don’t truly love what you walkaway with, you’ve wasted your time and money. Once you’ve found your photographer, let go and trust them to capture beautiful images for you.






A big thank you to Mirranda for joining in and sharing some of her work with us! If you would like more information, to book a session, or just to oooo and aaah over more of Mirranda’s gorgeous work, be sure to check out her website or Like her page on Facebook!


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Meet the Photographer {Courtney: life en plein air}

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been quite busy the last several weeks with this little lady.

baby on climbing gear


I’ve definitely slowed down my photography work over the last year or so, but in the last month I have been booking a few sessions here and there and even took pictures for my sons’ tee ball team. I miss being behind the camera! Being excited about my work, I decided I’d bring the fun to my blog too and introduce you to a few of my photography friends. 🙂 For the next few Mondays I’ll be featuring different photographers and showing a bit of their work.

Today we will start with my sweet friend Courtney from life en plein air. I have known this girl a long time, and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a talent she doesn’t have.


girl beside old car

Business Name:

life en plein air photography


Courtney Thornton

Web site/blog:


Where are you from?

Biloxi, Mississippi

What’s your favorite type of session (newborn, family, engagement, etc.)?

Ohhh that’s a tough one! Seniors are probably my favorite, especially senior girls. I love watching their confidence grow throughout the session. They are usually a little nervous and self conscious at first, but I always tell them they will be rocking it like Vogue models by the end, and it’s totally true! I also love photographing couples in love– I am a hopeless romantic.

Describe your photography style in three words.

This is also a tough one! I think what I aim for is timeless, yet unique, and personal.

Share a recent favorite photo you’ve taken.

lifeenpleinairphotography-Hayley-9 WEB


Who wouldn’t love photographing gorgeous eyes like this?

Any really crazy, memorable photo sessions?

Yes! I had one really adventurous couple with a crazy idea. At the end of their session, the guy suggested that we drive to the Beau Rivage (which is a very nice casino/hotel) and jump in their fountain! I’m honestly surprised we weren’t kicked out. It was crazy and they were freezing cold afterward, but it was really romantic. It was experience I know they will never forget.

What’s your current favorite prop?

I don’t really use props. I always encourage people to bring items that are important to them, and I love incorporating them into the session. But as far as actual “props” I very rarely use anything.

Aside from people, what’s your favorite subject to photograph?

The mountains. Unfortunately, I live too far away from them to do that very often! I also love photographing the flowers and herbs in my garden.

What music do you listen to while editing?

Lately it’s been Jon Foreman’s EP projects and Crowder’s new album “Neon Steeple.”

What advice would you give to someone about choosing a photographer?

As simple as it is, my advice is to choose someone whose images speak to you on an emotional level. If you choose the photographer who is right for you, you will treasure your photographs for a lifetime. We once used an amazing photographer in Montana whose style was totally “us.”  She truly captured who we were as a couple. Years later, those 18×24 prints are still hanging on our walls, and I love them just as much now as I did then.


Thanks to Courtney for participating and sharing her beautiful images with us! If you are in the Biloxi area and in need of a photographer, be sure to check her out. Check out her blog for more of her beautiful work!



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Photo-A-Day Challenge

I love doing photo-a-day challenges on Instagram. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s a list of categories for each day of a month. Participants take a photo each day for the designated category and usually tag it with a common hashtag to share and see the posts of other participants.) I’m terrible at keeping up though, and I usually drop out somewhere around day 15. This time is different though. I’m determined. There’s a prize at stake! My friend Emily over at Highlines and Hairbows has teamed up with LinkJunk.com and put together a photo-a-day challenge to giveaway a giftcard to TWO lucky winners in July. If you want to join in be sure to check out the details at Highlines and Hairbows.


photo-a-day challenge

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Silent Night

Sometimes I just have to sneak into their room and watch them sleep.



Silent night, holy night…


All is calm, all is bright.


Round yon virgin, Mother and Child.


Holy infant so tender and mild.



Sleep in heavenly peace.


Sleep in heavenly peace.

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Sissy at four months

I took these a few weeks ago, but am just now getting around to putting them on here. I can’t believe she will actually be 5 months in just a couple of weeks.

Age: 4 months

Milestones: Rolling all over the place, playing with toys, playing with her feet, laughing















And this is how Bubbi entertained himself while Sissy was modeling for me. (They regularly destroy our playroom.)





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3 months of Being Sylvia-Kate



Because we didn’t find out our baby’s gender during my pregnancy, we didn’t know who she was until she arrived. She was just Baby. Now she’s been Sylvia-Kate for three months!

How did that happen? She’s growing too fast!


At her 2 month check up, she was already 25 inches long (above 97th percentile!), and I know she’s grown more in the last 4 weeks.
Now she’s rolling side to side and tummy to back, laughing a little, teething, “talking” up a storm, and smiley as ever! She loves to play with her toys and watch her silly brothers.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from our zoo!


Don’t ya just love the big bruise on Brother’s forehead? I usually can’t bring myself to remove scratches and bruises in Photoshop. Those battle wounds are too much a part of who my rowdy boys are. 🙂 He got that about 3 days before these pictures were taken; he tripped over his own feet and fell into the metal strip at the bottom of the front doorway.


If you like their adorable shirts, check out The Orange Daisy.

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{Wordless Wednesday} A Sunday Morning Breakfast

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Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge: Red

Sarah, one of the lovely mommies in the Moms of Jonesboro group with me, also blogs over at East9thStreet, where she is co-hosting a weekly photo challenge. This week’s color is red.  Obviously I didn’t take this picture specifically for the challenge, but cut me some slack. We’ve had the stomach bug at our house this week, and I’ve been working. This was one of my favorite pictures from our Christmas session. My two year-old has developed his daddy’s attitude toward mommy taking too many pictures.


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2 months

Lincoln is 2 months old!
He is:

    11 lbs.
    23 inches long
    constantly “talking”
    LOVES playing with his daddy.
    His favorite game is “running baby.”

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