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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 8

Day Eight

I started this post and forgot to post it the other day in the craziness of getting ready for a birthday party.

I am thankful for my best friend, Lauren.

She’s my other sister. We’ve been together since the second grade, through high school, being roommates in college, weddings, happy times, heartaches, babies, and now our babies are growing up together. I wish everyone could have friendships like ours.


A throwback from our college days. 🙂

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 6

Day Six

I’m thankful my boys have each other.

Most people tell me I’m crazy for having them so close together (or assume it was an accident), but now, even more than ever before, I’m thankful I listened when God laid it on my heart to prepare for another baby. I am so glad I didn’t ignore that and follow the world’s opinion that we should wait a certain time before having more children. Born just 13 months and two weeks apart, I can not imagine our family with these boys not having one another.

This is why:









They are inseparable.
They love each other.
They learn from each other.

They fight. They push, shove, hit, kick, & scream – but at 6:30 this morning, a sleepy Stanton walked out of his bedroom, not looking for me or his daddy, instead saying, “Where my bwudder?”

Yesterday when Stanton wasn’t feeling good, Lincoln kept asking if he had fever and saying, “I’m sorry Stanton. It will be okay. We will take care of you.”

If one of them does something special by himself, he can’t wait to get back and tell his brother about it, or share whatever treat he picked up along the way. My boys share a special bond, and I love seeing it become stronger as they get older. Forts, late night giggles, fights, & shenanigans, these two are a team, and for that I am thankful.

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 2

Day Two

I’m thankful for a quiet house, candles, and a bathtub full of warm water and bubbles at the end of a very stressful day.

I’m thankful My God has a plan, even when it makes no sense to me. He sees the bigger picture.

I’m thankful my husband and I hold hands through all our trials instead of taking our stress and frustrations out on one another by arguing, blaming, or drifting apart.


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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 1


In November, Facebook feeds are often flooded with daily notes of what individuals are thankful for. I’ve participated in this the last few years, but this year I decided to move it to my blog. I can’t guarantee I’ll get something posted every single day, but I’ll definitely try. Some days might just be a sentence or two though. I do have 3 teeny tinys. 🙂

Day One

I’m thankful for my husband’s job.
There is the obvious reason, because his career provides for our family and allows me to be home with our children, which is a blessing! However, there are several other reasons I’m thankful for his chosen line of work too.

His job is more than a job. He chose a career in linework, and he’s passionate about it. He loves it; he breathes it; he bleeds it. I’m thankful my children get to witness their father earning a paycheck by working hard at something he loves.

It makes me a better wife and mother. You can learn a lot from being a linewife, and I’m so thankful for those lessons. I hope I can pass some of those on to my children.

I’m stronger and more independent because of my husband’s career. When he has been gone for a week (or 3 or 4) at a time, I learned very quickly that I can’t just stop and wait on him to be home for everything, and I am capable of taking care of things myself. I can take all three tinys to the grocery store by myself. I can take my car to the shop to get a tire repaired or go buy and change windshield wipers, even with a baby in tow. I can also get everyone up and dressed and out the door for a doctor appointment or off to church. I’m glad my kids get to witness their mother doing these things, and I pray they see in my actions what it means to be a helpmate – helping, and not adding unnecessary things to his to do list that I could be taking care of for him.

My husband’s career has also made me a more creative and laid back mother! Holidays sometimes have to be celebrated on different days or in unique ways. Today we changed up Halloween. Last year I had a plan in place in case he had to leave on Christmas Eve. (Thankfully he got to stay home until Christmas night.) My birthday, being in the middle of March, is always celebrated on a whim, on whatever weekend doesn’t get terrible weather. Sometimes lunch turns into a picnic at the park or in the car while we watch Daddy work because he hasn’t seen the kids awake in days. I’ve always been fairly laidback, but I’ve definitely learned some lessons in how to go with the flow and make the situation work.

His job makes us all a little less selfish. When the call comes, there usually isn’t much wiggle room. He has to go. I have to respect that and realize that it’s what we signed up for. He doesn’t have the option of asking them to reschedule that major power outage, but family pictures, date nights, and trips out of town can be. (And if a babysitter is already lined up, a date night turned into a solo pedicure & latte night isn’t so bad!) My kids learn that other people need Daddy’s help too, and helping others is always important, as is being committed to your job.

These are a few of the reasons I’m thankful for my husband’s job as a lineman. What are you thankful for?


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