This is why

I’m not sure where this sign came from. Someone posted it on Facebook, and I’m betting before that it was on Pinterest.  It definitely sums up my parenting philosophy though.

I want to “make it a good one.”

This is why….

we jump on beds.

This is why….

my boys climb/jump on my couches.

This is why….

they run around outside barefoot and get covered in mud.

This is why….

we sometimes eat brownies at 10 pm, long after I know they should have been in bed.

This is why….

I’ve given up on cleaning every pen/pencil/crayon/marker scribble off my walls. In fact, there are a few I cleaned off that I wish I had left a little longer. He was so proud of his work!

This is why….

I don’t pick up the dog food The Boy spills when he feeds the dogs. He always says, “I five!” and holds up his little hand to slap it against mine, knowing he did his chore correctly.

This is why….

I carry each boy through the house, wrapped in a hooded horse towel, galloping and neighing after bath time each night.

This is why….

Our house is loud – because it’s filled with laughter and squealing, sword fighting little boys.
Toys are everywhere – because they are having fun and we are blessed.
Often dishes don’t make it from the dishwasher/counter back to the cabinet before being used again – because I’m too tired to care or busy cleaning marker off of the toddler’s chest.
There is crayon on my walls – and I may or may not ever clean it off.

This is why….

We laugh. We play. We love.
We praise God through it all.

“They only get one childhood, make it a good one.”

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One response to “This is why

  1. Donna Bandy

    Oh Em,
    Brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful that you get it!
    Love you,

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