I is for…

I is for…

“I think I’m losing my mind!” Today I was folding a second load of laundry and had a few shirts that were wrinkled.I grabbed the Wrinkle Releaser off the coffee table and sprayed them down. I then hung them up to dry. I sat down on the loveseat to look at a magazine, and when I put the magazine down I just stared at the coffee table. Something wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t figure out what. Then I saw it. The blue spray bottle sitting on the table. That wasn’t Wrinkle Releaser. It was Febreze! Oops. I had forgotten that I put the Wrinkle Releaser up and sprayed the furniture and curtains with the Febreze between laundry loads.

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  1. VHamm

    One time I accidentally sprayed febreeze on my comforter and it left white spots=/

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