Post #100!

My 100 List!

This is my 100th post, so here is my list of 100 things about the Mr. & Mrs. that you may not know.

Emily (Mrs.)
1. In the 21 years I’ve been alive, I have had at least 11 dogs, not including the offspring that we gave away.
2. I have had at least 9 cats, not including the offspring that we gave away.
3. I do EVERYTHING with the radio or iTunes on – eat, sleep, cook, drive, shower, laundry, etc. It cannot be done without music.
4. I get in the most horribly ticklish moods where everything tickles, everything.
5. Steven and I dated for over two years before he ever saw me run.
6. I collect rubber duckies.
7. Growing up, I always said I wanted to be married before I turned 22.
8. I love all things pink.
9. I cry over everything.
10. I have a small collection of antique cameras.
11. I first became interested in photography when I was about 8 years old.
12. I have taken over 2700 photos this year.
13. I got my first perm when I was only 5 years old.
14. I have been to a Hanson concert.
15. I’m terrified of hurricanes.
16. I’m addicted to blogging.
17. I’ve had the same best friend since the 2nd grade.
18. I acquired 3 black eyes before I turned 3 years old.
19. Last Fall, I went the entire semester without ever meeting one of my suitemates.
20. I like big dogs.
21. I am a bed hog.
22. I am a blanket hog.
23. I sometimes talk in my sleep.
24. I have 3 different recurring nightmares. They are never exactly the same, but it is almost always one of the three types and very similar.
25. On more than one occasion I have woken up standing. That’s a creepy feeling.
26. In the third grade, a boy that had a crush on me asked for my phone number. He called a few times then asked me for it again a few weeks later at school, claiming he ate the paper it had been written on.
27. I’m hooked on CSI: Las Vegas. Steven introduced me to it when we first started dating, and I was quickly addicted.
28. I knew within the first 5 months of us dating that I would marry Steven.
29. I am addicted to my BlackBerry.
30. I would be completely lost without my calendar.
31. I love making lists. – Can you tell? – I make to do lists almost daily. It’s even worse now that I have a To Do List application on my phone.
32. I am rather outspoken. (Who would have ever guessed that?)
33. I’d love to live on the beach, but as I mentioned earlier I am terrified of hurricanes.
34. I LOVE personalized stuff. I think embroidery machines are one of the greatest inventions ever. My poor kids will never be able to borrow each other’s clothes. It will all be labeled with names and initials.
35. I get really annoyed when people that have no knowledge of photography/are say things like, “Why did you take a picture of that?” (Because I thought it was pretty and stinkin’ felt like it! That’s why.)
36. It drives me crazy when people hand their children off to grandparents as “free baby-sitters”every weekend so they can go out with their friends.
37. I went as a country singer on Career Day in kindergarten, big hair and all. (I was a bit obsessed with Trisha Yearwood. haha)
38. I took piano lessons for 7 years.
39. I once lost my glasses on Mt. Nebo.
40. I like fast food. It’s not a convenience thing; I actually like the taste of it. – This is a major problem for my waist, so I try to avoid it.
41. I’m pretty sure I sent some people two thank you notes for wedding gifts, and some people may not have gotten them at all. I had a huge mix up problem with my lists, lost one, found it, ran out of cards, lost another list, never found it. Then my dogs decided to eat my address book. I still feel bad about this and find myself looking for that list every time I clean my kitchen and office. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU! I’M SORRY, I’M A HALF-WIT! YOUR GIFT REALLY IS APPRECIATED!
42. I would like to one day own a reception hall/wedding venue business. After planning my own wedding, I learned that there is a huge need for this in our area.
Steven (Mr.)
43. He talks/walks in his sleep. Once I woke up to find him digging in his “toolbox” (the floor of the closet) for some sort of tool.
44. He went to kindergarten in Germany.
45. He also went to kindergarten in the U.S. because when they moved back he was the same age as kids starting kindergarten in America.
46. He has owned at least 13 vehicles, maybe even 15.
47. He currently has 5 vehicles.
48. He gets weirded out when I tell him he was in 3rd grade and almost the oldest kid in his class when I started kindergarten.
49. His favorite way to get me to do things is to say, “But you do it better.” It works.
50. He used to have a pig named Piggy Sue.
51. When we’ve been arguing about something and I prove him wrong, he likes to say, “I told you it was _____ (whatever I said it was)____.”
52. Steven has expensive taste.
53. He still has the stuffed monkey he got as a baby. Its name is Pee-pee. ☺
54. When he was little he had a mullet. To this day, his mother swears it was cute.
55. He has lived in California.
56. He has lived in Kentucky.
57. He has lived in Kansas.
58. He likes to catch snakes in our yard before he kills them. – This would be okay with me if he didn’t seem to think that I want to see each snake while it is still alive.
59. After more than 4 years, he still whines when I take pictures of him.
60. He has a piece of metal from a hammer stuck in his arm.
61. He once wore a cast for a week or two because the doctor told him his elbow was broken. When he went back they said it wasn’t ever broken in the first place.
62. There is at least one other Steven Anderson in Jonesboro. He’s apparently in his 50’s, and they have a lot of the same doctors.
63. Steven wants to homeschool our kids.
64. He would be perfectly happy living 20 miles from the nearest town.
65. Steven has been skydiving. – This was ok with me until a random plane flew into the restricted area just as he was about to jump.
66. He looks just like his dad. He also acts just like his dad. Their personality resemblances are pretty eerie considering they haven’t lived in the same house in almost 16 years. They even say a lot of the same things.
67. He is a great carpenter. He can do the calculations in his head and everything comes out a perfect fit.
68. Steven tells me there are three things women should have lots of: nice jewelry, nice underwear, and shoes. He came to this conclusion on his own, and I will never ever tell him anything different.
69. He thinks it is awesome that I like to shop with coupons.
70. Do not EVER have “Happy Birthday” sang to him in a restaurant. He would actually prefer if they didn’t sing to anyone at his table also.
71. Steven picked our wedding date.
72. He also picked the song we left the church to, “Guys Like Me” by Eric Church and our first dance song “Waitin’ on a Woman” by Brad Paisley at our wedding.
73. Steven loves Johnny Cash.
74. When he introduced me to his mom, he grabbed my hand to show her that I had “long, real nails.”
75. He names every stray dog he sees, even if he doesn’t pick it up. There are always dogs wandering up to his job sites, he gives them all names.
76. He was once trampled by a bunch of goats. Needless to say, he hates goats.
77. Steven doesn’t like rabbits either.
78. He didn’t want to call me when we first met because he thought my parents would be mad at him for trying to date their daughter.

79. We only have 2 television channels at our house. We don’t care either.
80. We are both extremely hard headed.
81. It isn’t unusual for us to go to bed by 9:00.
82. We want a large family. By “large”, we mean at least 4 kids.
83. We went to the same high school, but never officially met until after he graduated.
84. The day we got engaged, Steven told me pretty much point blank that morning, that I wasn’t getting the ring I wanted. I was really upset and tried to pretend I wasn’t, but a few hours later I realized he lied.
85. Our cat, Roush, was named after a car.
86. We like working on our house, but projects tend to get drawn out a lot longer than they should.
87. We have already decided on several baby names we like.
88. We eat at Salsa’s Grill WAY too much. The waiters even know that I don’t want guacamole on anything I order and to bring at least two menus anytime one of us walks in the door.
89. We used to have a black lab-mix puppy named Michelin, yes, like the tires.
90. We like to watch animated movies together, especially Disney movies.
91. We both like fun musicals like Moulin Rouge.
92. This will be the first year for either of us to vote in a presidential election.
93. Our first date was to Taco Bell.
94. We can’t say no to stray dogs.
95. We both love small towns.
96. Our favorite place to camp is Section H (spots 19-22 only) at the Dam Site on Greers Ferry.
97. We both bawled when we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day.
98. We don’t have one song that is “Our Song,” but rather we have a whole soundtrack for our relationship, a list of “Our SongS” I guess.
99. We set at least two alarms every night, mainly for me.
100. Steven moved from Batesville to Jonesboro to be with me (on his 20th birthday, also now our wedding anniversary) when we had only known each other 2 1/2 months.

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