Thirteen Thursday

I just killed the first mosquito of the year in my house. Fun times to come…
Anyway, that’s unrelated.

Steven was recently switched back to being home every weekend. This schedule is a lot better for us. We still miss each other, but it’s much easier to handle four days at a time, as opposed to 9 days. This week, a lot (more than usual) of people have asked about his job and said thinks like, “Oh it must be hard,” or “Wow, linemen have a dangerous job,” or “You must really miss him.” The answer to all of those is “YES!” However, there are some good things about being the wife of a lineman. These are a few of the things we remind ourselves of when our guys are out on the road.

Thirteen Reasons it’s Great to be a “Line Wife”

1. My husband values his time at home with me.
2. I don’t have to cook all week
3. When I want to cook, it can be pasta and he’s not around to complain that he doesn’t like it.
4. I have plenty of time to hang out with my girlfriends.
5. It makes me stronger person. It’s not possible for me to become completely dependent on my husband.
6. Knowing my husband has a job he loves.
7. Doing whatever I want for 4 days.
8. Storm pay. The worrying for weeks isn’t fun at all, but when the paycheck comes in, it does make it a little better.
9. Always knowing the weather forecast – Want to know the weather? Call a lineman.
10. The conversation. It is nearly impossible for a lineman and his wife to become one of those couples that “doesn’t talk.” When your only form of communication several days a week/month is the telephone, talking is unavoidable.
11. All the random/interesting stuff you learn! Just last night I learned some rules of owning/operating a generator.
12. Eating out. He can’t complain; he does it all week too.
13. Having a happy husband. Knowing that he loves his work and comes home tired but content is what makes it all worth it.

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  1. Kim & Ryan

    Wonderful blog! I love your refreshing optimism. My DH also is on the road during the week, so many of these apply to me as well! I guess we just have to look on the bright side.Thanks for the great blog! I love the links to the other Dec07 knotties. And the header is fabulous!Thanks!

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