Our Wedding!

I was partially right when I said nothing would go wrong that day because it already had. Nothing went terribly wrong for Steven and I, but I’m pretty sure everyone helping with our day didn’t have much fun. It probably doesn’t help that I think all the stuff that went wrong is incredibly funny. 

First, we got to the reception site Thursday evening to decorate, only to be told that we couldn’t. After my mom showed up, they seemed to remember our deal about giving us a key. 
Later we found out the place had issues with mice! The ovens didn’t work too well either. One of our dishes cooked at 500 degrees for over 4 hours and wasn’t burned at all! Actually it was just done. Thankfully, they were able to take the dishes to someone’s house in Trumann to finish cooking. The electricity kept going out on them in the kitchen, too. 
Also, Justin’s plane broke down, so he had to drive in from Little Rock. That made him late to come take the picture for Courtney to put on our cake. He then had to take it to Wal-Mart to be developed only to discover their machine wasn’t working, and apparently getting customer service in Wal-Mart at Trumann isn’t easy. 
It did rain, but it held off until we were walking into the bed & breakfast that night. The next day we had a rainy drive to Nashville. The hotel there was great. I would definitely recommend Hotel Preston. However, our floor was a “scratch & sniff” according to Steven. Everyday it had a different smell – everything from coffee to cleaning products to unidentifiable food smells, Chinese maybe? Also, assorted whiskey glasses and coffee pots could be found in the hallway, outside other rooms. I thought they were from room service, but Steven thinks they were statues because the cleaning people didn’t take them away very quickly. 
We went to the Nashville zoo one day. That was a lot of fun. We were the only people there for the first hour and a half. They have an AWESOME playground there. 

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